"Bring it on" - Arpo

Singapore Animation Industry

“Bring it on” – Arpo

I often get calls and emails from my friends overseas, inquiring on Singapore’s animation industry and if it is possible for me to set them up for interviews in some local company. As much as i would like to help, there are a few key issues here….

  • Animation and VFX industries are pretty competitive and portfolio based, anywhere on earth.

Singapore’s foreign talents hiring policies have become a pain lately. ( MOM Guidelines)

That being said, if you are a person of foreign origin and want to get in here somehow, here is something that might help you.



1)Join a local college. Get an animation certificate and build contacts locally. Some well known establishments in Singapore,

– Nanyang Polytechnic’s SDIM diploma (NYP SDIM)
National Technological University’s ADM ( UnderGrad Programme )
3DSense animation diploma/ Cert courses
CG protege diploma/ Cert courses
Nafa & Laselle diplomas
Art fusion & digipen courses
And a few others…

I am familiar with the works of NYP, NTU, 3dsense and CG protege students. I think among the rest of the institutions these are better known for their quality of CG education in Singapore.

2) Join local CG forums and groups
CG ordix forum (plenty of resources)
Singapore animators Facebook page, occasionally there will be gatherings. If you happen to be around, you can join in too.

3) Browse through Media Development authority website for latest updates on companies and future setups in Singapore

4) Demoreel- There are plenty of advices on making demo reels out there. Do a google search, check the best ones from YouTube. Prepare something that, you think, shows your potential.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions that the above sites can’t help you with, please feel free to drop me a message.