Personal Film Archive

 “The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein


Recently I found all my school works stacked up in a pile. You see back in those days, i was part of my school’s animation club. In an effort to archive them onto the Immortal Internet, i have uploaded them and arranged all my previous work chronologically. This shall be Paged and updated as I do more work and ofcourse my latest professional Reel will always be HERE


Meet the Librarian (2009)

  Made in 3 mths for my 3dsense media school work.

Winning works at Asiagraph 2010 and Selected works at Digicon 06.

My Son (2005)

  This was my GCE O-level work.Got me an A2 in Art. Silver medal in SYF 05. Featured at Colors of Asia-1 out 3 entries from singapore.

Colors (2004)

This was made for Racial Harmony day and garnered a Animania Award

If I were a Dog (2004)

  This was done for an Event called ARTivities. I am not sure if it won anything.

Ultimate Persuasion (2002)

  Made for compgraph 02 copetition and won 1st prize in Open category.