Time for celebration

Hello Earthlings

Time for celebration

At Last, the website is ready, to post my Animation and Photography updates and blog about things that i learn along the way.

Its time to celebrate this with a couple of announcements, on what I will be adding on this site from now onwards. As you all can see, i will post my Photography works in here. Lately i have done a couple of event shoots and was the official photographer for some of it too. I also have some concept shoots that i been planning with a few friends. I will update on this website of those exciting stuffs. So to summarise:

  • Photo Shoots
  • A weekly¬† Photograph with an article about it
  • Photo projects

On the Animation front, I am currently fully employed by Sunwoo Asia Pacific as an Animator. There are many interesting projects that we do there, i cant discuss most of it, so i will write about Animation related industry news and personal projects and freelance works i get engaged to. Once again to summarise,

  • Personal Animation projects
  • Singapore Animation industry news
  • Occasional Animation Test cycles

One of the reasons for developing this site is to keep track of what I learn. It is also to share as much as possible. Oh yes, not to mention my failing memory! Which i believe can be rescued someday through blogging.

That’s it for now! Check occasionally on my updates. Have a great year ahead !