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Cartoons That Need To Be In Live Action – Popeye


I remember watching 2D cartoons in the 90s and be fascinated by their super natural feats. They influenced the world around me but as time went by, some of my favorite 2D shows were replaced with live action gags on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network .

Fortunately, I could still watch them online and I will list some Toons that I think will make a damn good Live Action Movie here in this series of blog posts.


 Popeye the Sailor



Popeye was created in 1929 by Elzie Crisler Segar. Popeye, who started his cartoon career as a secondary character in Thimble Theatre eventually went onto become the proud owner of his own series called “Popeye The Sailor”.  Yes, its a rags-to-riches kinda story, where this poor sailor became one of the most iconic sailor that ever lived, right next to Russian battleship commander Rozhestvensky.

“I yam What I yam” – Popeye

Throughout his successful career, Popeye has seen, comic books, television series, advertisements, video games and even a live action movie. His iconic Spinach eating gags and fighting style attracted many kids till the late 90s.

Popeye was so called the Chuck Norris of the cartoon world. Once supplemented with spinach and there is nothing he can’t do.

“I oughta busk you right in the mush.” -Popeye

After decades of entertaining audience, popeye came to Live action in the year 1980. Robin williams voiced and acted as popeye in this musical adventure and much like his cartoon counterpart, robin william’s popeye entertained and profited the film makers. But unfortunately, popeye’s live action stint ended right there. That brings us to our quest, of wanting to see him in his live action form once again.

You see , there are a few problems with this though. Popeye, much like many cartoon superheroes, defy logic and have many odd features that catered him to only cartoons so far, such as, Popeye’s popping right eye (that’s why we call him Popeye), his two strands of hair (actually that’s more than Bruce Willis’), his enormous forearms and not to forget, his skinny girlfriend and the over-sized foe.

But this doesn’t mean we cant have him in a serious live action movie. Hell boy had his take, with those ginormous hand of Doom. He was red, giant armed, had horns and a fire girl as girlfriend. Why cant Popeye do that ?

“Well blow me down” – popeye

Now What we need:

Robin Williams did a terrific job as Popeye in the comical musical adaptation. But if Popeye were to return to big screen in a serious tone, we need a cast which can pull it off without being too silly. lets imagine James Cameron directing Jim Carrey.

The plot:

While on a Hazmat freights voyage, a hardworking sailor falls into the toxic chemicals when an ice berg hits the ship. Eventually he was rescued. When he wakes up at the hospital, he is shocked by his mutated arms, and infected eyes and the love of his life left him for someone else. Bald and mutated, Popeye as he is known now, leaves in search of inner peace. He comes to a town, in control of the local gangster named Brutus. Popeye, despite being despised for his look, stands up for the locals and defeats Brutus by consuming spinach (which somehow activates his superhuman mutant abilities).

you can’t go wrong with Jim

Now how about that ? yes, that’s totally made up out of popular Hollywood story gimmicks. Especially of James Cameron’s.

On a serious note, the fact that Popeye mesmerized us all the way till today as a cartoon, makes it worth a remake into the Live action Genre. Hope someone somewhere decides to adopt him into live action once again.


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